This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well, today is post number 100 for me here on Spiritually Inclined.  I can't put into words what writing to and about God everyday has done for me emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Having someone or something in my case, to hold me accountable to spend time with the Lord and really study His life and the lives of other great men and women of scripture has brought me to a new level of understanding.

Although Christ has been the same for over 2000 years, He is different to us during different phases of our life.  Here's what I mean because I know I am not making sense.  At times in my life He has been my comforter, helping me through troubled water, emotional pain.  Other times He has been my biggest cheerleader, supporting me and lifting me up during my successes.  And on other occasions He has shown me discipline as I have lost my way along the path. 

So what I am getting at is that God is not a big, scary entity that does nothing but punish you when you mess up!  Moreover, He is not going to rescue you everytime you need rescuing.  What He will ALWAYS do for you is to love you.  And what more could anyone want from another person than to be loved.  Love is the greatest of all emotions, intentions, feelings, attitudes and spiritual states as it has the power to heal, the power to mend, the power to build and on and on.  It is for this reason that love is the most discussed topic in the Bible.

Love is why we are all here.  To learn to love one another; to learn to love God; and more importantly, to learn to love ourselves.  When we prepare our hearts to fall in love with God and ourselves, we have now created the loving, nurturing environment to attract other loving people into our lives.  But it starts with loving God and loving self.  This I have learned first hand, and have witnessed in other peoples lives time and time again, that when they return to loving the Lord and loving themselves, life is better.  Life is more fulfilling.  Life is more rewarding.  Life works best with love.

Thank you to all of you who have emailed and facebooked me comments.  A special thanks to those who have shared stories about what an impact this blog has had on a friend or loved one.  As much as I'd like to say that is why I do it, I really can't.  This blog has been a selfish production from the beginning that I have simply chosen to share with the world. 

I pray that you do continue to read and share, however, because the next 100 posts will be just as good or better than the first!

Life works best with love!  I love and appreciate my God, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for setting the example and showing me how love conquers all and wins every time!

Life works best with love!

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