This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Intentional Faith

Faith is a funny thing in that when life is sailing along with smooth waters and an abundance of sunshine, it's easy to be thankful to God and to believe that anything is possible.  It's when challenge confronts me, that's when it should be easiest to have faith.  But, in most cases, that's not reality.  Our feeble human minds default to worry and doubt, rather than faith and confidence. 

In the book of Matthew, chapter 14 is the story of Jesus feeding the masses.  Jesus withdraws from the people with his disciples to regroup after the death of John the Baptist.  When they arrive on shore there are thousands of people waiting for him.  After healing the sicking and preaching the word, the disciples begin to worry about feeding the followers.  In their moment of doubt they tell Jesus to send them away to find food since there is not enough to feed them all.  Of course, Jesus thinks otherwise, "They do not need to go away.  You give them something to eat."

Stepping back into their doubting minds and lack mentality they respond by saying they only have five loaves  of bread and two fish, which to them was not nearly enough to feed all the people.  In his glory, the Lord multiplies the bounty to more than enough to feed his followers.

How many times are we like the disciples and are limited in our faith and belief in the power of the Holy Spirit?  I find it astonishing how many times I, too, default into doubt and lack when situations appear bleak.  Rather than leaning on my faith, I will set it aside in thinking that I must provide the solution or fix the problem.  When in fact, all things are possible with God for those who BELIEVE! 

If Jesus can turn 5 loaves  and 5 fish into a smorgasbord for thousands then certainly he can provide an answer to whatever troubles me!  In times of turmoil, stress or frustration he wants nothing more than to help, to be the one I lean on and look toward for guidance and answers.

Faith in the command post is easy and almost casual, but faith on the battlefield is hard and intentional.  Intentional faith provides opportunities for the glory of the Lord to shine brightly in the life of the believer.  What am I keeping from the Lord?  Where am I holding back in my faith for fear of failure or being let down? 

Intentional faith puts Christ in the center of life where he can be the difference maker for each of us!

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