This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What A View

We serve an amazing God!  As I look out my window this morning I see the brilliant pallate of colors across the sky that only He could create.  These little things-the colors in the sky, the smell after a fresh rain, the beauty of a fresh snow-are where we are able to see God's glory and majesty in our world.  He has given us a free will to make many choices, yet these things are beyond our abilities.

Science continues to develop formulas and discover compounds and particles to explain nearly everything that exists in our lives.  However, for years I have stood by my belief that God doesn't live in a test tube, nor can you quantify or measure His greatness and glory.  While water might be made of H2O and can be measured in ounces, milliliters and hundred other ways, there is no container that can hold God...other than the heart.

Curl your fingers into a fist and there you have the size of your heart. So many people on this earth live with their fingers clenched, holding tight to what they believe is "theirs", fearing the loss of anything. Having faith in God means filling your heart, which is as big as your fist, with God's love and living your life with your hand open, freely offering God all that you have and all that you are so that He might place into that open hand or take from it, all that He desires for you.

If the God I serve can create the beauty I am witnessing this morning, He can certainly cure the lame, raise the dead, prosper the meek, feed the hungry and heal the sick.  Our God has no limits for He is the beginning and ending of all that there is.  Praise Him today for His greatness and the glory that shines upon us!

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