This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's All About The Donkey

Who would have believed a donkey could have had such an impact on millions and millions of lives?  It is by no accident that Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem during his "Triumphal Entry."  In case you don't know the history of the donkey, I'll share a bit of my research.

The donkey is considered by some to be a mistake, or cast off, as a result of genetic mistakes.  As a result of breeding powerful, majestic horses, on occasion a donkey is created.  A mistake, if you will.  For centuries kings and military leaders have ridden beautiful stallions in public displays of power and leadership, yet, no one would consider riding a donkey during a ceremonial march...except Jesus.

It is totally fitting for the "King of the Jews" to make his grand appearance on the back of a lowly donkey for Jesus was, and is, known to take the weakest and poorest and exalt them!  Also, it is no coincidence that his mother and father brought him into the world via a trip on donkey-back.  Once again Jesus, in his actions alone, teaches us how God values even the lowest amongst us.

Only the Son of Man, our Lord and Savior, could take a cast-off animal such as the donkey and give it such a high position of accolade.  I can only believe that in those few moments when Jesus was on his back, that donkey was as proud as a peacock. Or, just maybe, he carried the King with a humble attitude in some way knowing that the one that chose him was the one that chose all of us.

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