This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No, Know

A man's steps are directed by the Lord.  How then can anyone understand his own way?  Proverbs 20:29

Along the path of life, I have made many choices on my own.  To my knowledge, none of them brought peace, joy or abundance.  In fact, I would say just the opposite.  My experience of trying to run my own life, to be the creator of my own experience, brought shining moments of splendor and grandeur, yet, has resulted in nothing but pain, suffering and loss.

That is the lure of the enemy.  The prettiest and most beautiful of the snakes are the most deadly.  Just like a crack addict, once you get the high of believing in self-accomplishment, there becomes a permanent desire for it.  Once you buy into what he is selling, that YOU can do it, YOU can make that happen, well, let's just say the landing from that fall is very, very painful.

To know that God is on your side, that he is in your corner, with you and not against is freedom.  How often does a Father push his children over a cliff or play with them in traffic?  No!  No one does.  Our Father in Heaven cares for us even more than we do our own children, which in turn, allows me trust him and trust in him.  That is freedom- knowing that someone loves you so much that he would give his only son for you so that you might have life...and life more abundantly.

No Jesus, No freedom.  Know Jesus, Know freedom.

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