This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

People Can Change

I began reading the book of Galatians this morning and was made to realize that I have been walking around with a plank in my eye for some time now.  One of my personal, dug in, deep down, long held beliefs has been that people don't change.  I've been around enough people in my life that have "tried" to change, or acted differently for a while, to know that people are who they are because of their mothers, fathers, teachers and preachers and that won't change.  I was wrong.

Now, don't get wrong, this isn't the first time I've read Galatians.  But it is the first time that this portion of Galatians has turned a light on.  I believe, or better yet, know, that the Bible is a book of truth and principles. I've known that for years.  The difference, today, is that I am different spiritually than the last time I read Galatians.  The more I study, pray, read and write, the more these truths and principles permeate who I am.  AND, when the Holy Spirit moves in, you have to change.  Praise God!

I bring all this up because of understanding how much of a 180 Paul went through in his life.  He was "the guy" to call to get rid of your "Christian Problem."  He could have had a role in the Sopranos from my understanding.  This guy was mean, nasty and had a passion for persecution!  Then...BAM!  God brings him to his knees, fills him with the Holy Spirit and...he becomes a new man!

Paul did change because he was re-born a new man.  The old Paul that was developed and nurtured by his MFTP (mother, father, teachers and preachers) was cast away so that this new, imroved Paul could come to life!  This one being born of the Holy Spirit.

I've read my share of self-help and personal growth books, many of which are good, but none can bring change in someone's life like the Holy Spirit. And for this change to happen, real change like in Paul's life, well, it's a God thing.

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