This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Should Pray For Who? Really?

Today is a new day, an exciting day, a day of rejoicing for I made it through the book of Job!  What an amazing book of one man's enduring faith in the midst of incredible torment and suffering at the hands of Satan.  How marvelous an example we have in Job!

Haven't we all been through a time or two in our life where we felt like Job?  Asking God why?  Questioning our faith?  Wondering why he can't or won't step in to resolve our crisis or to fix this problem? 

I have often thought, and I now truly believe, that some things have to be experienced for us to gain the deepest understanding and knowledge of God's power, His might and His glory.  If only to teach us how small we are in comparison to Him, or that the power we feel we have is truly a figment of our imagination. 

One of the greatest insights I've gained from the book of Job is that I, alone, no matter how strong I may feel, how mighty I may think I am, how many friends and influential acquaintances I have or how much wealth I have accumulated, am nothing but dust without God.  He is what brings meaning and life to me.   He, alone, is where my strength and fortitude are found.  All of the other things that I have given power to or gleaned power from are inconsequential. 

In the end of the book of Job it is revealed that Job is asked to pray for his friends in. I wonder, how willing would I be to pray for my friends, especially after they spent a great deal of time chastizing and criticizing me during my suffering?  Oh what a man of God that Job was!  God then reveals an amazing blessing to Job and restores his life to one of abundance, greater than his previous life. 

What is God waiting to do in your life?  Can you feel Him tugging at your heart, moving you in an uncomfortable direction?  Is the pain and suffering you are going through a means to getting closer to God and recieving a blessing from Him?  What do you have to be willing to give up in order to recieve more of God and His blessing in your life?

I pray that your day is blessed and over flowing with God's love and abundance and that the Holy Spirit would guide you and lead you in the direction of your God-given purpose, and I pray that you would listen.

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