This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We May Not Have Chosen This Path

As part of my daily commitment to the Lord, I, like most Christians, make time to study and read His word.  I find it amazing how each day I can be inspired by the teachings and wisdom from the Bible.  Even on the mornings when I struggle to find the time, or maybe my heart is cold or my mind is truly closed, the Holy Spirit finds a way to soften me up and speak to me, personally.

In studying in Romans, chapter 9, Paul writes about why it appears that bad things happen to good people.  It is not hard for us to contemplate having a loving God.  We are taught that from the very beginning of our emergence in faith. What is difficult is knowing we have a creator that could make us in such way that we must suffer to show the glory of God.  I do believe whole-heartedly that what Paul writes here is the truth.  If God almighty has the power to create us each with a purpose to fulfill for his Kingdom, why then would some of us not be created to have a more difficult path? Do we not many times need to be shown and reminded how good we have it?  If it were not for such people as Moses and Jacob who had to suffer great lengths we would not have these wonderful stories of faith and perseverance to hold on to during our times of trials and struggles.  And does it not make sense that in present times, we are witness to many a Jacob and Job who are here to strengthen our faith? 

I know that our God is not a punishing God, but a loving God, and a forgiving God.  I also know that he knew me before I was born and had a life path chosen for me.  Therefore, as Paul has written, I must celebrate His Glory in my suffering AND my victory because I recognize that both are a manifestation of His presence in my life.  I also pray that you and I, no matter where we are on our walk with Christ and in our journey through life, would have the courage to lean on Him and worship Him in the good times and bad because we have a faith that may not always understand His ways, but knows that He is Lord of our lives.

I choose to live my life in His blessing, recognizing that all things are from Him and trust that He has the good and glory of His kingdom in mind when my life plays out no matter how much or little understanding I have of the events. I love to know that the Holy Spirit is my gift, as a result of His ultimate sacrifice, to be with me, to guide me, to comfort me through all of the peaks and valleys of this life.   I pray that my life may be a blessing to those around me and that I may be a shining example of His glory. 

If you haven't taken time in your walk to pray for the Holy Spirit, I would encourage you to do it today.  "Oh Heavenly father, Jesus, you are Lord of my life and I thank you for going to the cross for me and for forgiving me of my sins.  I pray today, oh Lord, that the presence of your Holy Spirit would fill me and cleanse me and make me whole.  Come into my life to guide me, protect me and comfort me and allow me to worship you in Spirit oh God. Amen."

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  1. We just can't reflect enough on he meaning of challenges in our lives. It's a constant struggle to recognize the gifts in a world that encourages us to always take the easy path and place blame on others or become victims when on a rough path. Powerful blog Michael. Praise God!