This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Monday, October 4, 2010


During an incredible vacation in Door County, WI with a dear friend this summer, I had the opportunity to spend time exploring the Western shoreline of Lake Michigan and the Mink River in a one-man kayak.  What an exhilerating experience and a heck of good upper body workout!  Because of my novice kayaking skills, I decided to venture out in a "group tour" in case I had difficulties mastering the art of kayaking.  It turns out not only could I navigate the boat, but I could do so in a very enjoyable manner!

Our fearless leader of the "group tour", we'll call him "Andy", was a handsome, hung over college boy with an endless supply of little-known- facts and tidbits about the history of the region, especially pertaining to the wildlife.  In fact, the Mink River, according to Andy, got it's name because of a mink farm that was located on it's river banks.  When asked about the farm, Andy said that it had been shut down many, many years ago but if we were to look carefully along the shoreline, we may be lucky enough to spot a mink as some had escaped from the farm and have inhabited the region.  It turns out, according to Andy again, that mink are "actually quite acquatically inclined and have evolved well with their environment."  It was at this moment that I realized that Andy had lost a few too many brain cells during his libations and was feeding us a serious line of B.S.  Yet, little did I know that, Andy, being the sage he is, would be a point of inspiration in my life.

Since returning from vacation I have had many good laughs about the acquatically inclined mink of Door County and the evolution of their species.  I have also continued my journey of spiritual re-awakening which has led to many new thoughts and ideas about my life, the lessons I've learned and the blessings I've recieved.  Recently, I found myself wondering if I, or everyone for that matter, have become more or less Spiritually Inclined- to use Andy's term?  As a believer, have I relied on the Holy Spirit for guidance, for compassion, for healing, for counseling and comforting? Honestly, no, not even close to the extent that I should.  I believe I am like the rest of you, and if I mistakenly categorized you with the wrong crowd let me apologize now, in that the monotony and stress of day to day life have been moving us further and further from dependence on the Holy Spirit.  How much do we depend on our iPhone or computer?  How often do we seek answers to our problems from sources outside of God?

Our incredibly fast paced, techonologically advanced lives that are becoming more interconnected to one another yet disconnected from God are leaving a trail of spiritually empty lives.  Yes, many people plant their butts in a seat in church on Sunday. In fact, I was just at a service in the Twin Cities where thousands of people were in attendance to watch the show, the production.  I sat in my theatre-style seat and was in awe of the great production with the light show, the cool band, the incredible video displays and the hip backdrops on the stage.  While everything seemed all right, looked great and people were singing, I couldn't help feeling an emptiness.  My thoughts turned to, "why the big production?"  Is it for the Holy Spirit?  Is it for Jesus?  Is it necessary to get people to church by the thousands to have all of "this"?  I would contend that if one man of faith, a man with the faith of Job, prayed in the Spirit for lives to be touched he could fill the metrodome with people.  So why have we, in part not in whole, become dependant on the entertainment of Jesus rather than the indwelling of the Holy Spirit?

It is my true hope and intention to use this blog as my way of ministering to those who are in need of a personal spiritual revival, a return to the Holy Spirit.  Now, I am not a pastor or a clergy of any kind.  What I am is a man that has committed his life to Christ and has been led by the Holy Spirit to share my observations and insights.  I hope that I can both challenge and support you through my writing, to help you grow in faith, to build a stronger relationship with Jesus, to accept the presence of the Holy Spirit in your day to day life, and to show a life that is... Spiritually Inclinced.

May the light, and peace, and joy of the Lord shine upon you today so that you may be a blessing to the world around you.


  1. Mike,
    Thanks for the post. Your topic was the exact thing that was the sermon at our church this week. I often make choices to only focus on the little things in life, rather than the things that matter. (My relationship with God, my marriage, and my children.)

    Thanks for making me think about this one more time this week! I needed the reminder!

    Jason (yes, the other music teacher's kid)

  2. Well done friend... I will anxiously await further readings and topics... I hope to learn from you, with you, and through you on your new journey... My journey since November 15th, 2009 has been amazing... Many peaks and valleys... But without a single doubt, my life is amazingly clear with God as my wingman... It's too bad I waited so long to accept Him and let Him lead my life... TW