This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We Are Being Watched

Each day, as my awareness grows, I have moments when I know that I feel His presence.  I pray that these moments would continue and the feelings would grow stronger as each of these moments is amazing in it's own right.

One example I can share comes from a patient encounter at my clinic.  I was beginning an office visit with a long time patient, checking her leg length, palpating her spine and getting prepared to deliver an adjustment to her lower back when I was overcome with great despair, an agony I had only felt after my Dad had passed away.  I began to pray, in my mind, quietly, for her.  I finished my adjustments and had her sit up.  In doing so I could see that she was tearful and had been for a while.  When she stood up, she hugged me and wept.  No words were exchanged, only tears.  I told her things would be better now and she should come see me in a week.

I had forgotten about the experience until that next week when I saw her name on the schedule book again.  When she arrived for her appointment, instead of lying down and waiting for me she was sitting up, smiling.  I could see her face as I moved from one table to the next.  When I got over to her she stood up and gave me another hug and said, "thank you Dr. Mike."  It turns out her mother had been ill and in the hospital last week.  She said that after she was here to see me, she felt as if her sorrow had been lifted and she just couldn't explain how much better she felt, deep inside.  I told her she felt the healing touch of the Holy Spirit and she agreed whole heartedly as we shed some more tears. 

Encounters such as this don't happen unless we open our lives, our minds and our hearts to the potential of the Holy Spirit.  We, as finite humans, put so many limitations on ourselves and, in many ways, on God.  It helps to remember that we are never alone as Christians.  Job 10:12 says "You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my Spirit."  He gives us life and in His divine guardianship watches over, protects, nurtures and strengthens our spirit.  Thank God that He is watching over me!

For many, it is difficult to accept that someone could have such unconditional love for them.  We tend to be very hard on ourselves for the mistakes we have made, the poor choices and consequences of such that we have to deal with and if you are like me, you may even battle with the thought of not being "worthy" of God's love.  The fact of the matter is that none of that is relevant to God.  What does matter is, do we love Him?  His love is free, unconditional, overflowing, all powerful and comes with a special gift, the Holy Spirit.  Someone to watch over me, comfort me and guide me.

The Holy Spirit is alive and well.  Open your heart to feel His presence and open your eyes to see His work in your life.  I thank the Lord for His amazing love for me and for you, and I pray that the Holy Spirit would make manifest the glory of the Lord in your life today.

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